PureBond Idea Team

PureBond® panels are today’s quality choice for beautiful, long-lasting installations that stand the test of time and preserve healthy indoor air quality. And we make it easy for you to bring these great products into your home, whether you’re doing much of the work yourself as a DIY project or simply finding the best materials to make your installation the most it can be!

PureBond_PledgeAs part of our commitment to making our PureBond products being accessible and usable for the general public, we have partnered with DIY crafters, including Ana White / Knock-Off Wood to help us showcase and promote the usability of our PureBond to everyone through establishing our PureBond Idea Team. Our PureBond Idea Team is made up of DIY bloggers who take the PureBond Pledge! Here is how it works:

  • Use our PureBond products in your projects (not all of them of course unless you want to but any that you are sending to us to post, etc.)
  • Write a blog post (as many as you want) about our PureBond plywood
  • Put our PureBond badge (attached) on your blog linking to:
  • House of WoodSend us any photos of projects that you use PureBond in
  • Post at least one positive comment on Home Depot about your PureBond plywood experience (by the ways in case I forget to mention this if you can’t find the type of plywood in stock at Home Depot that you want to use, you can special order it there with Special Order SKU#226-917)
  • Send us a Home Depot receipt for your Home Depot PureBond purchase

In return, we will:

  • CAROUSEL-1Reimburse you with a $50 Home Depot gift card for every PureBond project you do (limit 4 for more but that may change depending on blogger and/or projects)
  • Promote you and your blog on our social media as much as we can when applicable


  1. absolutely LOVE Brooke’s kitchen! Totally stunning results with an amazing product… by a ridiculously talented lady! Nicely done and thanks for sharing Purebond!


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