Stylish PureBond Kitty Loungers From PFN Peach Industries

schroed-stepping-offPeach Industries, the creators of the über stylish kitty (or maybe small dog?) loungers are the brain child of husband and wife team of, Mike and Georgia Barbush! Apparently, one of them is an industrial designer and the other is a registered vet tech, so you can see how their talents  merged 🙂

two-view-kitty-lounger-CM-pPeach Industries became members of our PureBond Fabricator Network a short time ago when they looking for plywood options that would not only create a high quality, beautiful and functional accent pieces for the home but were Made-In-America and eco-friendly…ergo our formaldehyde-free PureBond hardwood plywood which is made in the US fit their list of requirements to a “T”!!!!!!

The kitty loungers, which are 12″x’21″x25″  are easy to assemble and don’t require and tools or hardware…what more could you ask for a pet bed option? For more on Peach Industries, click here!

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