PureBond Project at the Penguin Parade Visitor Center!!

peng_1_largePureBond is everywhere…check out the this interesting PureBond project at the Penguin Parade Visitor Center on Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia!!!!

peng_2_largeAs bit of background, the existing visitor centrer, built in 1988, was in need of a total refresh. And even though they had a limited budget, designers peng_3_largecrampton d+a and bohnstudio decided to use eco friendly finishes wherever possible in the new remodel. Primarily, GEN-ECO formaldehyde-free. PureBond maple plywood was used throughout for interpretive displays and wayfinding signage. A number of surface treatments were directly applied to the plywood: digital printing, stains and painted finishes completed with fabrication/installation completed by TS Constructions, South Coast Kitchens, Consolidated Graphics. All other existing surfaces such as walls, ceilings and columns, were painted the same dark grey blue color of the penguin’s feathers to not only unify the backdrop but to make it recede. The finished result gave the interior spaces of the visitor center, a spirited atmosphere highlighting the little penguin’s journey from “burrow to sea.” 🙂

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