PureBond Bookcase Using A Re-Purposed Old Door!!!!

2119-157x300I love it when something I post inspires someone to create something new and cool like this fabulous bookcase made from a re-purposed old door and a piece of our Birch, formaldehyde-free, PureBond hardwood plywood courtesy Cher-Ann at Designs by Studio C 🙂

2052-300x225Apparently it took a bit of looking but Cher-Ann finally found an old door for $45 (a bargain if you ask me) at a local flea market and snatched it right up with intentions of building a bookcase from it and re-selling it cause she is currently over-flowing at home with creations! However, once completed, this unique bookcase was snatched up by one of her friends before it even hit Craig’s List…gotta love that 🙂

For all how-to information and  plans, check out Cher-Ann’s blog post by clicking here…I feel pretty sure you’ll want to try your hand at a  re-purposed door project after reading all about it 🙂


  1. […] This is not the first repurposing project from Cher-Ann…some of you might remember the bookcase that she built using an old door and PureBond combination Not only to I love the idea of […]

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