DIY Window Seat by PureBond Idea Team Member, Turn Right at Lake Michigan!!!

window seat  with shelvesBeen itching to try a window seat or nook as I call them but been too afraid to take on a DIY project like this? Well, a member of our PureBond Idea Team, Tabatha, of the  Turn Right at Lake Michigan blog,  has  bravely taken a window seat project on! And, of course they are using our PureBond formaldehyde-free hardwood plywood purchased at The Home Depot in the construction!

windowseat beforeFor a little background, Tabatha and her husband purchased a home as “fixer upper” a while ago and like many of ya’ll DIY bloggers out there, they are chronicling their trials and tribulations as they overcome each DIY home project 🙂 With their window seat installation they have been posting all along the way, from deciding to use the end of an upstairs hallway for the window seat (perfect spot for a nook for many out there) to a slight measurement mishap,  to their current 75% done status! Anyhow, click here to check out her blog and some window seat instruction! I personally, cannot wait to see the finished nook 🙂

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