A Little About Edgebanding

EdgeBandingThe beauty of plywood is that it is strong, flat, stable and is available in many beautiful varieties and veneers. However,  an issue that comes up pretty often and just came up again today is: How to Treat the Edges? Course the answer to this is, edgebanding which will make the hardwood plywood product you are using (I know if you are reading this that you wouldn’t use anything else but a PureBond product) hold up against wear and a help create a professional looking finished creation.

The edgebanding process is pretty simple and all you really need is: an iron (if you are using the iron on type of edgebanding), roller, sandpaper, utility knife and the edgebanding itself. Band-It edgebanding is a brand we are recommending to be used with any of your PureBond projects and can be found either online or at The Home Depot where they do carry some in stock or by special order.

Click here for a video How-to on edgebanding courtesy of Shanty-2-Chic or here for another short video turorial.

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