A Bit More Of Killer b. Designs’ Awesome DIY Vintage Kitchen

Killer B KitchenThis DIY kitchen by Brooke at Killer b. Designs was so wonderful that I thought it deserved another post 🙂

Brooke crafted all the cabinets from scratch in this kitchen using our decorative formaldehyde-free PureBond hardwood plywood which can be purchased by anyone via our retail distributor, The Killer B Kitchen IslandHome Depot, you just need to remember to look for the PureBond wrapper or PureBond and Made in the USA along the side of the wood or you aren’t seeing what you are looking for i.e. different veneer, higher grade, etc. you can order just any variation of our products by going to the ProDesk and The Home Depotgiving them Special Order SKU# 226-917 for a special order. And in case I ever forget to mention this in other posts, if you aren’t lucky enough to have a Home Depot close to you,  you can order some of our PureBond online!

Ana White BookAnyway, enough about PureBond…please check out more of Brooke’s fabulous kitchen with full plans and directions at Ana White / Knock-Off Wood who I believe is a friend of Brooke’s as-well-as inspirational mentor 🙂

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