PFN NicoSpacecraft’s Newest Furniture Creation Part Of: The “Douglas Coupland for SwitzerCultCreatiive Collection”

writing-desk_7435C_2-e1359001476609Check out this beautifully crafted, Bento Box Escritoire: The “Douglas Coupland for SwitzerCultCreatiive Collection” – Writing Desk by a member of our PureBond Fabricator Network (PFN), NicoSpacecraft which was recently shown at the Interior Design Show in Toronto!

This awesome desk is part of The “Douglas Coupland for SwitzerCultCreative” collection which takes its inspiration from the “writer’s nook” and consists of a desk, chair, lamp, bookshelves. Click here to check out all the details!

The Bento Box Escritoire is constructed of wood, leather lined desktop, one drawer and storage boxes.  It is shown finished in black and cinnabar lacquer, trimmed in gold leaf. We don’t really know if any of our PureBond hardwood plywood was used in the construction but it’s a wonderful piece regardless, and we’re hoping to talk Nicolas @NicoSpacecraft into creating and entering something just as cool for our PureBond Quality Awards this year 🙂


A Little About Edgebanding

EdgeBandingThe beauty of plywood is that it is strong, flat, stable and is available in many beautiful varieties and veneers. However,  an issue that comes up pretty often and just came up again today is: How to Treat the Edges? Course the answer to this is, edgebanding which will make the hardwood plywood product you are using (I know if you are reading this that you wouldn’t use anything else but a PureBond product) hold up against wear and a help create a professional looking finished creation.

The edgebanding process is pretty simple and all you really need is: an iron (if you are using the iron on type of edgebanding), roller, sandpaper, utility knife and the edgebanding itself. Band-It edgebanding is a brand we are recommending to be used with any of your PureBond projects and can be found either online or at The Home Depot where they do carry some in stock or by special order.

Click here for a video How-to on edgebanding courtesy of Shanty-2-Chic or here for another short video turorial.


A Bit More Of Killer b. Designs’ Awesome DIY Vintage Kitchen

Killer B KitchenThis DIY kitchen by Brooke at Killer b. Designs was so wonderful that I thought it deserved another post 🙂

Brooke crafted all the cabinets from scratch in this kitchen using our decorative formaldehyde-free PureBond hardwood plywood which can be purchased by anyone via our retail distributor, The Killer B Kitchen IslandHome Depot, you just need to remember to look for the PureBond wrapper or PureBond and Made in the USA along the side of the wood or you aren’t seeing what you are looking for i.e. different veneer, higher grade, etc. you can order just any variation of our products by going to the ProDesk and The Home Depotgiving them Special Order SKU# 226-917 for a special order. And in case I ever forget to mention this in other posts, if you aren’t lucky enough to have a Home Depot close to you,  you can order some of our PureBond online!

Ana White BookAnyway, enough about PureBond…please check out more of Brooke’s fabulous kitchen with full plans and directions at Ana White / Knock-Off Wood who I believe is a friend of Brooke’s as-well-as inspirational mentor 🙂


Looking North…Spotlight On PFN Member JWS Woodworking & Design, Inc.!

JWSHailing from Kitchener Waterloo, JWS Woodworking  & Design, Inc., a member of our PureBond Fabricator Network (PFN),  is a customer centric company who main focus is building things with detail, care with an eye towards using eco-friendly materials like formaldehyde-free PureBond hardwood plywood!

JWSJWS specializes in exceptionally fine, well crafted cabinetry (PureBond, of course 🙂 ), mantels, bookcases and even full renovations, if you are so inclined! In addition, they are masters at creating fabulous outdoor spaces by fabricating JWS Living Roomdecks, fences, gazebos, pergolas and much more that can take your outdoor living to the next level! Quality is paramount to JWS, so they  only takes on a certain amount of projects at a time to ensure high quality work and build lasting relationships with customers.

For more on JWS Woodworking & Design, Inc. and a peek at more of their wonderful creations, click here! 

Or if you are looking for a PureBond Fabricator in your area, click here for our search tool!


Another Cool Use For Your Scrap PureBond!!

FootstoolHave any scraps of PureBond hardwood plywood sitting around?  Check out this wonderful and simple DIY upholstered footstool by a member of our PureBond Idea Team, Pink Toes & Power Tools. We love these ideas that make use of all PureBond scraps as opposed to throwing them away! Want to learn more about this project? Click here for more information and free plans!